J.P Selecta


Mission: To provide a complete range of laboratory equipment in one compact catalogue

Vision: We are a benchmark as a laboratory equipment manufacturer.

We are proud to belong to a leading team, made up of passionate, fully cohesive and involved professionals. We work in the search for excellence through a safe, reliable, fast, efficient and quality service.


JP SELECTA, designs and manufactures laboratory equipment, COMECTA laboratory material and AQUISEL, manufactures blood collection.



ASTM and DIN Cup Viscometers | Autoclaves | Baths and Thermostats | Blood bank refrigerators | Cabinets | Cameras | Capillary viscometers | Centrifuges | Centrifuges for general laboratory applications | Centrifuges for special applications according to standardized standards | Conservation chambers | Controlled environment chambers | Crucible furnaces | Deep freezers | Digesters | Dispensers | Elevator ovens | Equipment for Kjeldahl, Soxlet, fat and fiber analysis | Falling ball viscometers | Filtration equipment | Flocculators | Food preparation equipment for Drosophila | Freezers | Freezing chambers | Gas and smoke filtration cabins | Gas chromatography equipment | Germinators | Hammer mills | Heating plates and blankets | High speed centrifuges and microcentrifuges | Hot cams | Ice flake production | Immersion thermostats | In-vitro culture chambers | Incubators | Instrumental | Insulators | Laboratory Carts | Laboratory Freezers and Refrigerators | Laboratory refrigerators | Low temperature equipment | Metal block thermostats | Mixers | Muffle furnaces | Oenological distillers | Optical pyrometers | Other equipment | Oven up to 2000ºC | Ovens | Peristaltic and vacuum pumps | Pimpunes | Pipette stands | Plant and animal breeding chambers | Refrigerated ovens (Incubators) | Refrigerated, ventilated and heated centrifuges | Small, micro, universal, large capacity and floor-standing centrifuges | Special ovens on request | Stills | Stirrers | Thermostatic baths | Tube furnaces | Ultrasonic bath | V Mixer | Viscometers | Water distillers | Water mixers
J.P. SELECTA, diseña y fabrica equipos de laboratorio, COMECTA material de laboratorio y AQUISEL, la fabricación para la extracción de sangre.


Barcelona, Spain

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