Global Lab Solutions from Spain

LABMAS is a cross-sectional association, of Spanish companies, linked to the supply of equipment, consumables and services to all types of laboratories.

Biotechnology, animal health, healthcare, pharma, food technology, are some of the areas in which our companies have prominent presence. LABMAS aims to promote the sector and their companies, promoting innovation,
competitiveness, representativeness and internationalization, in commercial, industrial and technological areas.

ConsultationSince 2013
LABMAS is member of EUROM II, the European Association of Manufacturers of Laboratory Sector, which also includes other prestigious European associations.



Create a cluster in the Spanish industry in front of public and private organizations..


Represent and defend the interests of both the sector and the associated companies.


Be a point of exchange of business experiences.


Promote laboratory sector internationalization boosting innovation and competitiveness of the associated companies.

Una representación de empresas LABMAS estaremos en la feria LABFORUM / FARMAFORUM, los días 5 y 6 de octubre en Madrid.
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