Laboratory Manufacturers Association of Spain

It is a private non-profit association with companies of more than 50 years-old that have more than 90% of Spanish manufacturers into the laboratory field. LABMAS main mission is to increase the competitiveness of its affiliated companies in export promotion and internationalization.

The associates manufacture an important product portfolio: all kind of laboratory equipment and furniture, consumables, reagents, etc. This association was created to meet the needs of these manufacturers of the laboratory field have from the worldwide activity.

Some of the associated companies export up to 90% of their turnover. An organism that would enhance the image brand MADE IN SPAIN worldwide was needed to help Spanish companies in the overseas activity, organizing trade fairs, seminars, prospecting trips, etc.

Since 2013 LABMAS is member of EUROM II, the European Association of Manufacturers of Laboratory Sector, which also includes other prestigious European associations.



Create a cluster into the Spanish industry in front of official and private organisms.


Represent and defend the interests of the sector and associated companies.


Be a point of exchange business experiences.


Promote laboratory sector internationalization boosting innovation and competitiveness of the associated companies in the commercial, industrial and technological field.

Una representación de empresas LABMAS estaremos en la feria LABFORUM / FARMAFORUM, los días 5 y 6 de octubre en Madrid.
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